Natural Knit Perennial Ryegrass

The new age of Perennial Ryegrass has arrived!  This next generation grass takes Perennial Rye to a whole new level with the ability to self repair and form such a tightly knit dense stand of turf.  While retaining all of the positive characteristics of classic  Perennial Rye such as; quick establishment, dark green color and fine leaf texture, Natural Knit brings a density never before seen by any variety of Perennial Rye. 

Natural Knit is  “self-repairing” using pseudo-stolons to fill in areas that are worn or damaged.  After vernalization (over-winter) the pseudo-stolons form such a dense stand of horizontal tillers that you really have to work your fingers in to touch the soil below the canopy.  Another benefit of Natural Knit is  the more horizontal growth habit that allows you to maintain your lawn at a shorter mowing height, most Perennial Rye lawns perfom better at  1.5″ cut, while Natural Knit can be maintained at 3/4″ height.  Natural Knit is the only “spreading” ryegrass that holds a U.S. patent.

In sod production Natural Knit allows JB to grow the sod without the plastic netting that older varieties of ryegrass require, making Natural Knit more enviormentally friendly. 

Natural Knit in sod form is available from JB Instant Lawn starting in June and the Natural Knit seed (7 lb bags) is available now.    Be sure to check out the “tag” feature on the bag using your smart phone for more information.

Natural Knit sod and seed is available for purchase  from JB Instant Lawn, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Jerry’s Home Improvement Centers, and other select retailers in your area.  Please call JB to find a retailer near you!

 For aditional information please visit and

Follow the progress in our sod fields by checking out the monthly updates on the JB Instant Lawn fan page,


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